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What is Church anyway?

When it comes to Church and the Bible, do you realize the Church is an university, the Bible is a text book, and life is where one performs their lab exercises.

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Pentecost and God

Pentecost represents the oneness between God and His people, a unified union that goes beyond “being forced to obey”. …If we are just focused on the law and doing what we are told we remain an unprofitable servant, which is in need of someone telling them what to do. God is seeking to educate His people so they are able to sustain themselves by doing as Christ did, looking to fulfill the will of the Father without being ruled over. It is to be one in mind, body and soul with God and His ways.

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One Step Closer

Today words like façade, touchup, enhanced, airbrushed, and tweaked all describe replacing reality with something that isn’t real. Abstain from all appearance of evil [1Th 5:22]. It’s simply and easy to understand, but widely ignored. On the other hand Satan will transform himself into an angel of light [2Cor 11:14], look up the scripture and read before and after verse 14. Satan will make anything look wholesome if he can mislead, draw away, or deceive you from following God. Consider Deut 30:15-20; I have set before you life and death, blessings and cursings, choose life!

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The Day of Atonement for Mankind

The Day of Atonement is about the way God reconciles, not compromising His word being fulfilled, while making a way for Man to return to Him. It is about being reconciled back to God or becoming one with God.

God is not a magician, who magically makes things happen. God is logical and works with precise procedures. There are formulas which He works within because that is how He created things. To save mankind from their sins takes a plan. That plan is about composing a plan, or settling the dispute between not compromising God’s word and saving mankind. The Day of Atonement gives you the key symbols and principles towards returning mankind back to God.

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Could There Be 7000?

In the day of Elijah, he became discouraged to the point he cried to God “I, even I, am alone (1Kings 19:18, 1-18). How many of us may feel that very way? What is God’s plan? Where should we be, what Church is God putting His name upon? Should we be in the Philadelphian Church or the Laodicean Church, as stated in Revelation chapter 3, and where does the remnant fit in? What should we be doing if anything? I believe one of the hardest things one can do is to trust, be patient and wait on God. Elijah was eventually shown that there were Seven thousand that had not bowed themselves to Baal (false idols). God preserved seven thousand when all seemed to be lost. We must remember to trust God even when we feel alone.

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Once Was and Will Be Again, A Family

The foundation we had, we exercised it by building relationships out of love and compassion with one another. We challenged each other and we grew. There is no denying the quality and performance of what the Church was doing at that time in preaching the gospel and as a family because we can all agree that there is still a bond between those who stay in contact today.

With so much that has changed, I come back to the statement King David made and I echo it today, “Ye are my brethren, ye are my bones and my flesh: wherefore then are ye the last to bring back the king?” 2Sam 19:12. Why are we not standing up for bringing Christ, our King, back into our lives?

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